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  W Wedding Day Details: A Photo Blog in no particular order. In fact, these photos go from reception to formal photos to ceremony to getting ready so they are, in fact, in opposite order. Enjoy my reserve wedding! 
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Engagement Part 2

E Engagement/ Covid Love Story Part 2 So my darling boyfriend has popped the question just in time for my daughter to get home. She's only nine, she's been out with my parents. I put my hand in the door frame to show off my ring until they notice. My girl is miffed that she missed the action, and makes M propose again in our foyer, demanding he get down on one knee and "do it right." He obliges. I share the news with the internets, and we stay up late celebrating.  Travel We head to Destin around a week after getting engaged in July 2020. Yes, this is well before vaccines and we knew it was risky to head to Florida for my annual family trip. We took every precaution (avoiding crowds, eating only outdoors) and we lucked out - no one gets sick.  In the pool, we play song ideas and my sister recommends a DJ. My fiance gets drunk and tells my dad what a great job he did raising us. It's beautiful. I toy with the idea of a small wedding at our resort in Destin the foll

A Covid Engagement

 C COVID-19, a love story HOUSE We fell in love just before Covid came along, and we moved into our house together in April 2020. We moved into a giant house, like one I'd literally driven past 1000 times since I started driving in 1997, and one that I would see and think, "Man, the people living there must have it all. " I'll be the first to admit, I don't have it all. However, I think I'm close. My husband and I knew each other in high school. We never dated, and we didn't really know each other well or hang out, but it just feels like our souls somehow always knew. It would have been great if his soul had let mine know. Maybe I wouldn't have spent the first two decades of my adult life screwing around. In fairness, I wouldn't have had my daughter if he and I had gotten together sooner, so no harm no foul. Plus, I think our souls needed their wild oats sewn before they were ready to settle down with one another. Nah, I wouldn't change a thing

In Which I am Now An Activist

R Replacement for Mr. Queen Need Not be Right Winged Extremist Honorable School Board, The moms in Oldham County who lean left are having a hard time understanding the board's decision to advise Mr. Cory Queen not to accept his position. While I understand he may have a colorful background, no pun intended, it is a poor look for the board to have appointed him and then discouraged him from continuing on with his placement. He is a loving Volleyball dad who has been married to his beautiful wife for 18 years. Negative backlash? I'm sure he and his family have been dealing with that for 18 years. I'm sure Mr. Queen has been dealing with that his whole life, because he is black. If it isn't about color, it sure appears that way. While I have supported the board and spoken out against the childish and irresponsible behavior of the anti-vaccers and anti-maskers, I am disappointed in what has unfolded. Please do the right thing and appoint a candidate who holds similar values

Query Completion (for the moment)

 A And... breathe. Over 45 days, I've staggered and sent 40 queries. I've tightened and line edited my manuscript. I've shuffled a few chapters around to tell my story in what I am convinced is the best possible way to tell it.  I'm tired.  Yet, not too tired to get up early this morning to hit send on my latest two query letters. Y'all, I think I'm finished querying for the month. 40 feels like a good number. I have 35 outstanding.   My rejections include: 3 form rejections 1 oopsie in which I mixed up Laura's and queried the same agency twice 1 kind, thoughtful rejection (my first one!)   After I write this blog post, what will I do with myself? I'm starting a low-residency MFA program in November. I keep telling myself not to write too much of my sequel so I can work on it during the independent study. But I can't resist!  This morning, I'll read the 2,000 words I have so far, and write at least one more scene.  It will feel good to get going

My Top Ten Query Disrtactions

 T  TOP TEN WAYS I DISTRACT TRY TO DISTRACT MYSELF WHILE QUERYING Y'all, querying is not for the faint of heart. If you're me, you're living in a stress response for an extended amount of time. Every time I check my email, my heart races and my stomach turns, especially during the weekday hours.  That's when I've gotten all four of the rejections that have come my way so far. I staggered, but sent the first batch on and around 7/29. 46 days ago. Over six weeks ago. So, in other words, I'm getting to that point where it's either crickets over here or I actually start seeing feedback pour in. I'm gearing up for both more rejections as well as requests for partials or fulls.  In the meantime I give you my Top 10 distractions from Query Stress, most of which aren't really working, but keep me from sliding into an obsessive-like rabbit-hole on QueryTracker, if nothing else. 10. Bedroom : Good thing I added a content warning. The husband relaxes me. Enoug

Editorial Services FAQ

 I  Interested in editing services? Please see FAQ: What categories/ genres can I send? I am open to reading PB, CB, MG, YA, NA, and adult.  I'll read any genre other than porn and Christian inspirational. Are we a good fit? If you want a full MS read, we can provide a sample of the first 5 pages (1,250 words) and have a 30 minute zoom call to discuss after feedback is provided.  What if my book is one in a series?  A synopsis of earlier works may help if there is a sweeping plot ARC. If reading the previous books is essential, we will consider it based on availability, for an additional fee.  How are edits completed? Track changes via Microsoft Word is preferable. We use the same Word doc for comments. An overall critique and feedback will also be provided in a separate Word document or via the body of an email. If you have different preferences, please ask. What is the expected time frame to hear back from you? My goal is to respond to emails same day. Turnaround time for complet